Friday, August 17, 2007

Halkin Forgot Begin

Hillel Halkin doesn't like Moshe Feiglin.

So he wrote in a NYSun op-ed this:-

It is worth remembering, at a time when the Right in Israel -- as in America, but even more so -- has become increasingly associated with religion, that its founding father and greatest historical figure, Vladimir Jabotinsky (1880-1940), whose Zionist Revisionist Party established in the 1920s was the grandfather of today's Likud, didn't have a religious bone in his body. Although Jabotinsky was always respectful of Jewish religious tradition and values in a way that the Zionist Left of his age rarely was, he never shared them and was never personally motivated by them, and his Jewish nationalism went hand in hand with a deep commitment to European liberal democracy. Whatever he might think of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were he alive today, and whatever solutions for it he might support, one can rest assured that he would leave God out of it.

This is as it should be. There is a need for a strong political party in Israel today that is for a free market economy (as Jabotinsky was) that recognizes the importance of territory (as Jabotinsky did) that understands (as Jabotinsky was always aware) that this is a cruel world in which a Jewish state must never let down its guard, and that nevertheless wants this state (as Jabotinsky wanted it) to be free from religious bigotry and fanaticism and aligned with the traditions of
European humanism. Bigotry and religious fanaticism are Moshe Feiglin's natural elements. Let's hope that Benjamin Netanyahu gets out the vote today.

How do you ignore Menachem Begin in discussing this issue.

A bit silly, no?

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