Friday, August 17, 2007

Attacking Goyim; Goyim Attacking

Here's a "New Jewess" -

Okay, so how did I get to her?

First, this caught my eye this morning:

Antisemitic Bosnian soccer fans received a surprise Thursday when Israeli soccer fans did something they did not think they would do: fight back. Three Bosnians are still in the hospital following the incident. The violence occurred during Hapoel Tel Aviv's 3:0 victory over Siroki Brijeg in Bosnia.

According to Hapoel's fans, "an entire bleacher-full of Bosnian fans" began shouting "Sieg Heil" at the Israelis and giving Nazi salutes. In response, one of Hapoel's fans threw a firecracker into the Bosnian bleacher. The firecracker set fire to several seats.

Bosnian police moved in and began hitting Hapoel fans. The fans were then evicted from the stadium.

Then, I found this new film about to premiere:-

Late 16th century. Inside the small cemetery of the Jewish village of "Lodonia" by the Russian-Polish border, two social outcasts are joined in matrimony under the moonlight sky. FISHKE, a lame orphaned bath attendant, weds an older mysterious blind orphaned woman who has come to the village just days before. The marriage, believe the people of "Lodonia," will exorcise the spell of pogroms that has been haunting the village and its Jewish community. But the wedding night proves a disaster, as Fishke, a devoted scholar of Torah, learns the truth about his new wife, a renegade vagabond belonging to a group of Jewish beggars. Now that the villagers have been satisfied she wastes no time and makes a run for it through the dark night, and Fishke, albeit being forced into the marriage, follows her into the woods believing her to be his destined lawful wife in the eyes of his God.

When he finally tracks her down, Fishke is exposed to a world he did not know exist. The group of Jewish outcasts survives by the way of the sword, victimizing their own people in the same way the Polish and Russian soldiers do. Fishke spared for his life by the Beggar's cruel leader and eager to keep his marital vow, joins them at first against his better judgment. However, after a short while, appalled and aghast by their sinister actions he decides to run away [but he's lame!] and things get complicated as the leader's young and pretty mistress uses the opportunity and follows suite. Fueled by anger the leader hunts and tracks Fishke down opting for a struggle for revenge and respect in which he finds his death in the hands of his young trainee. Deprived of a leader the beggars now turn to Fishke who reluctantly gives in for the request and takes on the challenge. But Fishke wishes to change their ways, and instead of preying on his own pitiful people turns his criminal vagabonds against the Russians themselves. His controversial actions reach all the way up to the Tzar who proposes Fishke a deal of a lifetime -- Join your army of Beggars into the escalating war against the Poles and your people will be granted equal rights. Inspired by the ideology of coexistence and the belief in earning one's rights by fulfilling one's duties, Fishke sets out to liberate his people through war and to try and earn his vagabond and torn nation its own piece of land...

Here's the trailer.

This is really going to go over well in Jollywood.

But, there's a third Jewess story:-

A Palestinian from Ramallah turned an 18-year-old Israeli girl he met on the internet into his sex slave, Ynet reported on Friday.

A few months ago Tal (not her real name) met who she thought was her prince charming in an internet chat room. Following a brief period of online correspondence, the two met in person. The Palestinian took Tal out to restaurants and showered her with gifts, and the unsuspecting Israeli teen thought she had found the man of her dreams.

Within a month of their first encounter she was already in love with him, and did not hesitate for a second when he asked her to move into his home in Ramallah. But shortly after the two began living together the man approached Tal and asked that she “comfort” a friend of his. She agreed to sleep with the friend as a one-time gesture for her beloved boyfriend, but was forced to have sex with others as time went by.

Tal was then brought to a lavish villa, where she and several Muslim women granted sexual services to senior Palestinian Authority officials on a regular basis. Eventually Tal managed to escape and return to Israel.

A volunteer in an organization that offers help to Israeli teenagers who have experienced similar traumas told Ynet that Arab girls from Jaffa have also been lured to the territories under false pretenses.

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