Saturday, August 18, 2007

Aviva - Is She a Jewess?

I can be easily intrigued.

For example, I read a movie review (here) which mentions a one-name actress (Aviva) who plays a character Nicola. Here are some trailers.

Here's a picture of her:-

So, who is "Aviva" and why just one name? What is she? A Madonna?

See, here's the cast:-

SETH - Jonah Hill
EVAN - Michael Cera
FOGELL - Christopher Mintz-Plasse
BECCA - Martha MacIsaac
JULES - Emma Stone
NICOLA - Aviva

Aviva is a Hebrew name. So, who is the mystery Jewess?

Aviva Farber. Nickname Hepa Chepa, born in 1984, from Sante Fe, NM. New Mexico?

Funny, does she look Jewish to you?

Some e-line interviews (here)

So, is she Jewish?


Anonymous said...

Shalom Winky!

It has been too many years.

We're in SF, NM just now. There was a developing hozer b'tshuvah presence here (Torah Bamidbar) over 20 years ago. A few individuals and the mikvah remain (quite a few made aliya or went elseshere). There was a Farber family involved back then. Maybe she's related?

Shanah tovah!

mordechai y. scher

helloyoho said...

Many people have Hebrew and Aramaic names but are not Jewish (myself included); that's not uncommon. I guess I don't understand the insinuation.

Is it good or bad that she has a Jewish name but may not be Jewish?

Just curious.

YMedad said...

Neither good nor bad although it's nice to know that goodlooking people who are successful are also Jewish. I just wanted to know if indeed the name Aviva indicated Jewishness or that now non-Jews are taking, not Biblical, but modern Jewish names. Sounds like a strange trend, if true.

Anonymous said...

Well I know the surname FARBER as being jewish... In fact I know two FARBERs. both are jewish and one of them is a quite attractive jewish girl. Perhaps its a "Farber" think :)

Anonymous said...

She is a Farber.
Theres a site with a tiny bit about her.

Anonymous said...

It's important!!! Nepotism is too tough unless one can identify friends and family.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I went to school with Aviva, nice girl i was happy to see her acting dreams coming true.she is a Farber and i believe her dad is atleast part jewish he had curly dark hair and the right nose

Anonymous said...

Aviva's Dad came West from New York in the revolution of the 1970s, married a lovely rough tough Mama Tigre, and their daughter, Aviva, una chiquipeca, is indeed the actress whose name means to life. Astonishing young woman. Astonishing family. De la tierra encantada....

Anonymous said...

By the way, did you know the Cathedral at Santa Fe was built by a Jewish stonemason whose only payment was a keystone over the main entrance across from the Joe Montoya building that contained the Hebrew characters for God Jehovah? I remember it well and saw it often growing up there. We would point it out to visitors. It is suddenly no longer there, the Cathedral having been renamed and refurbished. I wonder why they chose to remove the symbol of their long ago promise to the man who laid the stone?

Anonymous said...

Her father is Jewish. Her mother is not Jewish.

There are a lot of attractive people, who are fully Jewish. Logan Lerman, Natalie Portman, J. Gordon-Levitt, Mila Kunis, and so on.