Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Uri Tzvi Greenberg Heritage House

Among other volunteer activity, I serve on the executive board of בית מורשת אורי צבי גרינברג or the Uri Tzvi Greenberg Heritage House.

Uri Tzvi was the greatest poet of Israel and the Jewish people in the 20th century. Here are some translations. So far, 13 volumes of Hebrew poetry have appeared in the Collected Works Edition, one volume of drawings and three of newspaper articles from the 1920s. All together, there should be some 22-23 volumes.

And here are some photos of the 'gang':

At the top of the table is Geula Cohen and, to the right of the picture: Danny Dayan (newly elected chairman of the Yesha Council, Dr. Ze'ev Yeivin, son of Yehoshua Heshel Yeiven, companion of Uri Tzvi, Daisy Cohen (standing), UZG House administrator, Uri

Chaya Mira Baranas, educational coordinator, and to her left, the accounts comptroller and Rivka Sneh.

And there's me with Geula Cohen and Daisy. At far right is Advocate Naftali Wurzburger who is well known for taking on difficult nationalist causes including the disengagement cases, former Kach activitists and others.

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