Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You're Invited

Just received this:-

Dear Residents,

After many years of anticipation, and countless efforts with government offices we are happy to finally announce:

The Opening of the Jerusalem - Gush Herodion Highway.
(bypass Zaatra road)

The Highway will open this Friday 17 of Elul, August 31, at 6am.

We will meet Friday morning at 7:30am by the army base adjacent to the Herodion (right turn by the traffic circle), and travel together in a "festive" convoy to Jerusalem. A"Lechaim" and short ceremony will be made at the Mizmoria junction, the gateway to Jerusalem. Joining us will be those responsible in the construction of the highway and others who assisted us in finally opening the highway.

In the first stage the highway will be open daily from 6am-6pm only. We are continuing to work together with the IDF to extend the hours. Please join us in celebrating this special event together this Friday. And most important drive safely!

Shaul Goldstein
Regional Council Gush Etzion

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