Thursday, August 01, 2013

The DellAlarm

Do you know what a "DellAlarm" is?

This orange-light blinking thing at the bottom right corner:

Well, it is the creation of Duane Dell and its purpose is to alert people outside a room that a recording is going on inside.  You see, when you go to a radio and television studio to be interviewed, as I was for Gloria Greenfield's new documentary, everyone knows not to make noise and there is even a red light above to indicate that a recording is in progress.

But if you come to an office and you use a meeting room for an interview that is not in an out-of-the-way location be temporarily taken over for a documentary and you require absolute quiet, the DellAlarm alerts passersby in the corridor not to make noise by attracting their attention to the sign.

Of course, it can happen that people approach, drawn like moths to the blinking orabge light, and then, in a loud voice, begin to discuss among themselves the merits or not of the new-fangled invention.  Which, to be honest, is quite normal behavior here in Israel.

Oh, here I am being interviewed:


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