Friday, August 24, 2012

Two-tiered is a Double Standard

People, like Jeffrey Goldberg, complain of

a two-tiered justice system on the West Bank

What "two-tiered"?

Let's get this straight: the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria are not citizens of Israel.  So, they can't vote.  Just like an Israeli living in the United States but who is not a citizen cannot vote.  Arabs of the new Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem, if they opted for an Israeli ID, can vote in the city's municipal elections.

Otherwise, they have a democratic system in place.  And they can enjoy justice.

They can appeal, still, to the High Court of Justice.  The police, firemen and Hadassah Hospital are their's.

As long as no peace treaty has been fully worked out, and their terror continues, and their incitement continues, and their educational system is hateful, among other negatives, why shouldn't there be a two-tiered system?


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Anonymous said...

Imagine a country which has had a series of treaties, creating two classes ofcitizeen. On one side, eres a category of citizens who are required to obey all laws and regualtions. On the other side, the second category of citizens is (say for example) exempt from gambling laws, and can open up money-making casinos at will; and (again say for example) exempt from Fish & Game laws, and can hunt without licenses or bag limits, for recreation or for the larder.

Would such a country be accepted by justice-loving progressive people?!?