Monday, August 27, 2012

Taken With the Holocaust?

Holocaust obsessed?

Holocaust denial?

Holocaust inconsequentialism?

Holocaust conscious?

Read all about it.


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Alan said...

It is the holocaust-obsessed who are the most anti-Zionist. Their first claim is that Israel was only established to help out the survivors, which I think we all agree with them is not any sufficent reason to colonize Europeans into a (mooted) "Palestinian Lands". Their second claim is that by keeping Yiddish & bagels alive, they are doing enough. (Not much discussed amongst them is that they aren't actually keeping Yiddish alive in any non-Chassidic secular sphere; none of them can show me even a single Yiddish kindergarden). Whereas much of the Western World currently has private (and nowadays, even Public) hebrew-language kindergardens. I am one who claims that "Torah Judaism", notwithstanding the fervor of its believers such as your circles, doesn't really date back any further than Ezra & Nechemiah. Whereas the evidence that people in Eretz Yisrael were speaking Hebrew a thousand years before that, is quite strong by scientific standards.