Monday, August 20, 2012

Dennis Ross Goes All Over the Place

Take note how Dennis Ross vacillates, displaying remarkable 'flexibility' in his thinking on Egypt:-

...there is reason to be concerned...None of this means that Egypt’s path of change is foreordained. It does mean that the president, who has largely surrounded himself with members of the Muslim Brotherhood or sympathizers, dominates all of Egypt’s institutions of power...In this respect, Morsi and the Brotherhood seem to recognize reality. But in another important regard, they appear determined to deny’s clear that the group the Brotherhood is wedded to its ideology and cannot admit anything that might call its basic philosophy into is not acceptable to deny reality and foster a narrative and policies based on untruths and fictions. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood should know this...They must respect the rights of minorities and women; they must accept political pluralism and the space for open political competition; and they must respect their international obligations, including the terms of Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. The record to date is not good...

That was classic "all over the place".

And nowhere.


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