Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Legal Confrontation Presenting Itself?

I was sent this (k/t=IMRA):

PA considers legal action against Israeli officials, settlers
The Palestinian Authority is considering taking legal action against Israeli leaders and settlers who practice “terrorism” against the Palestinian people, a legal advisor to President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday.  Hasan al-Auri told Ma’an that the PA would seek to sue Israeli officials in international courts, and to prosecute settlers in national courts in countries where it is allowed to prosecute foreigners.

...The PA, added Abbas’ legal advisor, avoided suing settlers in Israeli courts because Israel would protect them “using false justifications to their conduct.”...

I would welcome such a challenge.

I cannot see how, given the legal documentation, the surrounding contemporary comments, that they could ever make a case.  To prohibit Jews from constructing homes in the area of the Jewish national homeland would open the PA, its laws against Jews owning property, its pronouncements against permitting Jews to live in the future yet-to-be 'state of Palestine' and its incitement actions, to such counter suits, not to mention endangering the status of Arabs living in Israel, that it would counterproductive.


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