Monday, August 20, 2012

Jewish Hat Guide

I found this in Friday's Makkor Rishon. It's a guide for hats worn by religiously observant Jews (with assistance from Gaby Katz):

Details (from top down and here, too)

1.  Kneitsch (meaning a small brim), fedora, worn by central stream, 2 indentations on crown, felt band. also called Borsalino after the company, 800NIS.

2.  Chabad kneitsch, three indentations, and a broad brim.  800NIS.

3.  Homburg, the Gur everyday kapilush, high peak, broad brim, felt. 850NIS.

4.  Super, Jerusalmite Hassidim, short crown and wide brim. 700NIS.

5.  Sammit, "velvet hat", or biber hat (Yiddish), fur.from beaver or rabbit. 900NIS.



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Unknown said...

Which hat is best for jewish bottle dancing? (See Fiddler on the Roof)