Sunday, August 26, 2012

And the Real BBC Story Here Is...

The Commentator has this:

Concealed Middle East 'Balen Report'

Today, The Commentator has released a Freedom of Information request showing that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has so far spent at least a third of a million pounds (more than half a million dollars) in order to conceal the infamous 'Balen Report' into the corporation's coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict, from the British public...the BBC has spent at least a third of a million pounds to hide the report from the public eye: "The legal costs incurred by the BBC amount to £332,780.47," the BBC said.

The Balen Report was written in 2004 and campaigners say the BBC does not wish to release the document over fears that it will substantiate claims of BBC bias against Israel. Ironically, it is understood that former Director of News for the BBC, Richard Sambrook, commissioned the report in order to belay public fears. The report, however, was never released.

Raheem Kassam, Executive Editor for The Commentator said: "The BBC is guilty of thoroughly indefensible actions in hiding the Balen Report. If there is nothing to be afraid of, the BBC should stop wasting taxpayers' money immediately and hand over the report. Once again they refused to, when we most recently asked for a copy. It smacks of desperation."
If not biased, why spend so much money ?


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mrzee said...

It's taxpayers money, why should they care?