Friday, August 31, 2012

A Media Lynch?

From Steve Plaut's translation of a Kalman Liebskind blog content (not yet online):

'These days some graffiti on an Arab gravestone is international headline news, while the nonstop vandalizing and desecration of Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives gets nary a mention.   When a Jew strikes an Arab in anger this is a banner headline...Molotov cocktail bombs thrown at Jews by Arabs every day are never mentioned. The excuse is supposed to be that Jews attacking Arabs are news, like a man biting a dog.  But I have two responses to that.

'First, If that is the real reason, then I want to hear it said unambiguously on the news and in the media.  The fact that the Arabs are the violent side of the conflict is a matter about which the media refuse to speak.  Second, the media are supposed to be an intermediary link between reality and the consumer.  So when 1000 attacks against Jews by Arabs are never reported, while one single attack by Jews against Arabs is the focus of the front pages for two weeks, readers will understand that the violent side in the Middle East conflict is the Jews.  One cannot overstate the importance of this bias.  If the media were to report accurately the dimensions of Arab terror, the Israeli public would be demanding immediate military action against Gaza.   When the public is unaware that this terror exists, the public is indifferent.

'Oh and one more thing worth noting.  Even with all the press attention to the Arab victim of street hooliganism in Jerusalem, the simple fact of the matter is that Arabs can walk about freely in the "Jewish areas" of Jerusalem.  Try to ask the cable TV technician who made a wrong turn into Issawiya (Arab neighborhood next to the Hebrew University) how he felt being attacked, and then ask on which page the incident was reported.' ...

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