Monday, August 27, 2012

The Lynched Jew in the Temple Mount - 140 Years Ago

I have copied above an item from the bi-weekly Ha-Levanon journal, dated February 5, 1873 (140 years ago, almost) that appeared with news about Eretz-Yisrael and enlarged the relevant section.

It translates:-

Yesterday, a terrible incident occurred: a Sefaradi Jew, 56-years old, was found murdered beyond the [Jerusalem] city wall in Emek Yehoshafat [the valley to the eastern side of the city between the Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives], his arm broken and his head crushed.  And this was what happened: this elderly man was a regular daily participant at the Baalei Batim [laymen] yeshivah studying Psalms and the shamash [beadle] would come and take him to the yeshivah.  On the Wednesday this week, the shamash was late coming and the old man set off by himself and he went the wrong way, and came into the Temple Mount courtyard.  There the cursed Ishmaelites found him and beat him up until he died under their blows.  The Rabbi Giron Effendi hurriedly informed the government in Constantinople.  May it be God's will that we should never hear of such an event of a cry of a victim in our midst, beaten and attacked, and may their be peace upon Israel.


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