Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Israeli Almost Becomes Croc Food

Yes, our intrepid Israeli traveler does it again.

This time, it's a Mashiah

Israeli Novon Mashiah was apparently oblivious to the danger as he posed, grinning and pointing at the 12ft-long saltwater crocodile. But seconds later, his cockiness turned to panic as the creature lunged at him...

...The photos were taken from a larger boat by his friend Doron Aviguy. The two Israelis were both working as fishermen on the ominously-named Southern Alligator River in Australia's Northern Territory.
'They come near the boat all the time, probably because we are fishing. I was laughing, but it wasn't funny in the end,' said Mashiah of his impromptu wildlife lesson.
'I didn't realise that crocs were so aggressive,' he added.
'I was shocked. The animal clearly wanted to kill me.'
Which is the last thing you'd expect a crocodile to do, obviously.

(with k/t(kippa tip) = SR)


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