Monday, August 27, 2012

Topless - or Headless - in Tel Aviv

You know that I think that too many of our supposed icons of culture and knowledge and politics are airheads when it comes to issues of national security, the ethos of Zionism and the role of tradition in our current lives.

So when I heard of some "topless" event here in Israel, I assumed either these celebs where going to, once again, demonstrate their ridiculousness or, worse, attempt to topple out governemnt like they did with that "refuse to bomb" ad campaign on Iran.

But I spotted this (after leaving a comment against topless Zehava Gal-On who claimed there's a majority in Israel supporting coexistence with the PA) and found out that there is something called the
and that 2012 marks GoTopless' fifth anniversary and this year GoTopless day will fall exactly on Women's Equality Day, Aug 26.


What happens during a Gotopless rally?

Well, "During the protests, women will have the choice of going fully topless or wear red tape or something else to hide their (infamous!) nipples. They are also completely welcome to come and support this cause while being fully dressed if they prefer.  To show their support, men are encouraged to wear a bikini top since we are standing up for topless constitutional equality."

In Tel Aviv, it was to be on the Friday, Aug 24 @ Noon - Rothchild Blvd @ Habima Theater.

I learned from here that
"In Tel Aviv, authorities told GoTopless leader Sharon Aziza this week that although Israeli law is vague about topless rights, female protesters must wear full bikini tops or face arrest," Gary said. "Well, what about the men? Israel passed a Gender Equal Rights law in 1951!"

The reasoning behind this is
"The governments of the United States, Israel, France, the United Kingdom and Australia all supposedly guarantee gender equal rights. But Gotopless women have been clearly told they’re not free to go topless like men can, and that if they do, they will be fined and/or imprisoned.”

This approach has been summed up as:

'free your breasts, free your minds'

Actually, such an appearance usually causes a loss of mind and reason.  In fact, all the Arabs from the area of the Palestinian Authority who flocked to Tel Aviv's beach during the Eid El-Fitr holiday wouldn't have come (well, perhaps the males would have).

I managed to find a picture of Sharon who, with five other people, three of them men, marched:

Seems it's all a Raelian ploy from outer space.

"Off with their heads!"



Anonymous said...

whats the problem? its a good cause. if men are allowed to parade around half naked, women must be allowed to do so as well. its 2012, enough double standards.

Anonymous said...

Now you tell me !!!!!!
It was yesterday...
I too would have joined them and gone topless...

(A Male)

Anonymous said...

Did you take a close look at what she's wearing around her neck?

Made me lose all respect for her.

YMedad said...

Yes, I did and if you read that I wrote she's Realian, well....