Thursday, February 03, 2011

Italian Wine in Jerusalem

I purchased a new wine last night while attending the 500th Year Commemorative Event in Honor of Donna Gracia (*) last night at the Begin Center, initiated by Geulah Cohen of the Uri Tzvi Greenberg House.

Here is the wine:-

And here are the details:

There's a new company dealing with this wine and three others (I also tasted the light sparkling Gioia which was great): Wine & Wisdom.

Too much wine can, of course, affect wisdom, but these have a wonderful taste.

(*)  And now about that lady, Donna Gracia:

Chabad leaves out her Zionism; go here and this report.

A bit here:

Jewish Life was restored in the city of Tiberias in 1558, when the Portuguese born Dona Gracia, a former Marrano, was given the tax collecting rights in Tiberias and its surrounding villages by Suleiman the Magnificent. Suleiman the Magnificent was the 10th and longest reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1520 – 1566). He showed favor to the Jews, constricting the walls that today surround Jerusalem’s Old City in order to guarantee the safety of the Jewish Population. Dona Gracia restored the city walls and built a yeshiva. The revival came to an end in 1620.

And read this from this book:

Pictures from last night:

 An actress portraying Donna Gracia

 Geula Cohen, her daughter-in-law, Randy (l) and the author Na'avah Makmel-Atir

A special song was composed for the Commemoration and sung beautifully by Adi Algazi.


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