Thursday, February 24, 2011

Michael Oren Has A Problem with Menachem Begin?

After reading Michael Oren's op-ed, I sent this letter to the NYTimes, which, as usual, was not published:

In his op-ed, Israel's Ambassador to the United States Michael B. Oren, in reviewing Israel-Egypt relations, notes that "Anwar Sadat, also started...a revolution of peace" ("Will Egypt Be a Partner in Peace?", February 21). It is unfortunate that Israel's highest official representative could not see fit to mention Sadat's partner in that peace process, Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who indeed initiated the new diplomacy that led to the 1979 treaty and for which merited the Nobel Peace Prize.

Yisrael Medad
Shiloh, Israel

Yisrael Medad is the co-editor of the recently published "Peace in the Making: The Menachem Begin-Anwar Sadat Personal Correspondence" published by Gefen


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