Friday, February 25, 2011

What, He Should Worry?

Caught this in a new promotional piece by Isabel Kershner about a new movement, Sharek, not Shreek and not Shrek or Shreak, which seeks to guide local Arab students and youth activists to find "a voice and a focus, coalescing around a single popular issue that they believe will help the Palestinians in all of the above: ending the schism between the West Bank, where the mainstream, secularist Fatah dominates the Palestinian Authority, and Gaza, which is under the control of Fatah’s rival, the Islamic militant group Hamas".

...the Palestinians suspended short-lived negotiations last September after Israel refused to renew a moratorium on construction in West Bank Jewish settlements.

As [Mr. Ghassan] Khatib [spokesman for the government in the West Bank] put it, “Do you see any negotiations that we should be worried about?”

Well, since there was enough negotiating to cause Saeb Erekat to resign, there were negotiations. But if he isn't worried about them, neither am I.

Not that I don't mind negotiations, it's just that I somehow have the feeling that even the so-called 'moderates', the darlings of Western journalists, aren't negotiating in good faith and their goals and targets in such negotiations are inimical to Israel, its future, its security and its national ethos.


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