Thursday, February 24, 2011

The "Notables" of J Street

Someone at J Street had gone Arab.

Semantically, at least.

Here's their crowing for their first conference last year as they convene this week for their second conference:

Full Page Ad in Washington Post from Israeli Notables on J Street Conference

In a full page ad running in the Washington Post, Haaretz, and Jewish weeklies all over the United States, current Israeli politicians and other Israeli notables congratulated J Street on its first inaugural conference.

Anyone who has some knowledge of the Arab-Jewish conflict is aware that the term "notables" refers to the elite class of rich and educated Arabs, the local aristocracy, who ruled the peasants, oppressed them, ignored them and ultimately betrayed them by fleeing early on in the 1947-1948 war (see:  Ottoman Reform and the Politics of Notables--Albert Hourani).

Moreover, they engaged in internecine fighting, killing each other off.  Some of the "gang":-

(For background, see here;  herehere;  and p. 145 here)

And now, J Street revives the term of 'leaders' who are worthless.


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