Friday, February 18, 2011

A Test for a Journalist

Harriet Sherwood of The Guardian published this today in a story in her View From Jerusalem column on her visit to Shchem:

...earlier this week the Israeli authorities dismantled the notorious Hawara checkpoint at the entrance to the city, where Palestinians seeking access to or from the city - for work, study, shopping, family visits, medical treatment - were kept waiting, often for several hours. Many were denied passage.

Traffic - both vehicles and people on foot – now flows freely. Other checkpoints and roadblocks are still in place around the city [are those IDF or local Pal. police roadblocks?], but the dismantling of the symbolic and hated Hawara barrier has been welcomed by locals. Not so the inhabitants of nearby Jewish settlements, who have bitterly criticised the move, saying it compromises their security.

If, God forbid, there is a security-related incident, with or without injuries, will Ms. Sherwood reconsider her relatively benign view of Jewish security concerns?

Will we read about her possible doubts of rhe irreliability of the Pals. on this issue?



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