Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hater Silverstein Errs And Almost Apologizes



Important Update: After numerous attempts to confirm the information provided by my source and being unable to do so, I am sorry to say that at best the account is uncorroborated, and at worst it’s possible the information was not credible to begin with.

I will continue my attempts to verify the details. Meanwhile many thanks to those Israelis who went out of their way to make inquiries on my behalf and apologies to my readers if this story turns out to have been wrong.

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Anonymous said...

capo dickie will never admit to being a bald faced liar

that post is reason number one mil and one why not one legit blog or news service will carry his crap any longer.

he is not a reporter...he is a propagandist and a blood libeler

this is a simple blood libel.