Thursday, February 24, 2011

Non-Zionist Turncoats

While J Street is promoting an organization whose agenda now includes the liquidation of the JNF and the Jewish Agency, here:

The Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement’s...central volunteer(s), Sarah Beninga, will receive J Street’s Honoring Our Heroes award at the organization’s conference in Washington this weekend. The movement decided to use the award as a launching point for its national expansion, which will see the group renamed “Solidarity.”

The group’s new manifesto, released on Tuesday, calls for an end to the “occupation” and the “liquidation or fundamental change of organizations that contribute to the dispossession of Arabs, including the Jewish Agency, the Jewish National Fund, and the Israel Lands Authority.”

these elected (and former) MKs and officials are attending:

Shlomo Molla; Member of Knesset (Kadima)

Amir Peretz; Member of Knesset (Labor)
Ophir Pines-Paz; Former Member of Knesset (Labor)
Nachman Shai; Member of Knesset (Kadima)
Laura Wharton; Member, Jerusalem City Council
Orit Zuaretz; Member of Knesset (Kadima)

Lurching left. Far and out left.

Okay, non-Zionist is the term.

(k/t: LBD)

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