Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Pal. Geography Lesson

How to realign your geography.  Here:

Violent clashes erupted Tuesday evening between Palestinian residents and Israeli forces in several districts of Silwan town, southern Al-Qsaa mosque.

a) There are no "districts" there.

b) Silwan is not a "town" but a neighborhood.  In any case, they claim it's located in "East Jerusalem", not a separate entity.

c)  Al-Qsaa (?) [Al-Aqsa] is a mosque and located high above Silwan within the Temple Mount compound.  It is actually in the southern part of that compound.  Silwan is indeed south of that location but totally disconnected.

Oh, that "violence"?
Witnesses told WAFA News Agency that dozens of youths threw stones at Bait Yontan settlement, while the guards opened massive and indiscriminate gunfire causing a state of panic among women and children.

"He who throws stones....".


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