Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why No Temple

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu explains why the Temple construction is being delayed:

From "Kol Tzofayich", No. 575, Parshat VaYakhel (this past Shabbat):

"Even today we all speak about the Temple in every prayer, sing songs, etc. In actuality, not very many believe that in a practical sense, the mosques will be removed from the Temple Mount.  They say the UN won't agree, that the US President will threaten, that the EU will apply sanctions, that there'll be a third world war, etc.  The Temple is left to just talk...[but the Torah lesson is] to teach us that the commandment is not a distant was not the non-Jew who prevented construction but the laxity of the Jews who sought to blame others...".



Juniper in the Desert said...

Yes. And all the other problems are also due to Jews who have abandoned Hashem and happily give away what is not theirs to give: Israel. Thank you Rabbi!!

Anonymous said...

the above is an example of an ignorant jew, who through his ignorance, dares to compare the churban to the mythological naqba

on top of that, he mistates what the churban was and represents

"An interesting sidebar: the Roman destruction of the Second Temple is called the Hurban (a Hebrew term for “destruction” on a cataclysmic scale) because it led to the end of Jewish sovereignty in Israel and the scattering of Jews to the winds in the Diaspora. Similarly, the 1948 Palestinian expulsion from the land is called the Nakba (or “catastrophe”)."

good one dickie

so that al aksa mosque that sits on the temple mount is just a figment of my was really burnt to the ground in 48.

and the arabs who wander about jerusalem and are allowed to pray in al aqsa are also a figment of my imagination.

and the orchards, forests, farms, cities in israel...all a figment of my imagination, as the jews also salted the majority of the land, making it uninhabitable.

oh...and i wish someone would tell dickie boy that the destruction of both temples are called a churban, and during the second, the jews no longer had sovereignty over the land, as they were occupied by the romans.

not that it matters to a person who is only jewish as a result of an accident of birth.