Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On the Middle East Weapons Trade

Seems that (a) Arab Middle East countries are stockpiling crowd control weaponery including teargas (so Israel is just like others); and (b) some people assume there may be a probelm with the Muslim Brotherhood in the 'hood:-

Analysis by the Guardian of export licence records held by the Department for Business shows that the UK government issued 20 licences between July and September last year for export to Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman of riot control weapons including teargas, smoke and stun grenades.

It also granted or amended licences worth up to £182m to sell products to Libya, including "crowd control ammunition", "teargas/irritant ammunition" and training in teargas/irritant ammunition.  A licence has been issued to supply shotguns to Bahrain, and sniper rifles to Oman and Qatar.

"The Middle East was a growing market until a few weeks ago," said one arms trader who, like most, asked not to be named. "It's a question now of who do we want to sell to. Do we want to sell hi-tech equipment to [Egypt's] Muslim Brotherhood? I don't think so."

I hope money won't affect their thinking.


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