Thursday, February 17, 2011

Centennary of Tzvi Shiloach

On Wednesday February 16 the Menachem Begin Heritage Center held a symposium celebrating 100 years since the birth of Tzvi Shiloach.  A number of political concepts and issues were discussed at the symposium.  Tzvi Shiloach

was a thinker, a journalist and political activist who took part in many of the crucial moments of the State of Israel in its first fifty years, such as: the debate in Mapai on the establishment of the state, the establishment of the Movement for Greater Israel, the establishment of the Likud, later revival movements opposed to agreements from Camp David to the Oslo Accords.  He served as a Member of 10th Knesset, representing HaTechiyah, 1981-1984.

Gideon Saar, Education Minister, speaking

Photo credit: YMedad


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