Sunday, December 21, 2008

BBC Interview: First Impressions

...Having been allowed to pass, I went up the hill to the Jewish settlement of Shilo. Aside from Israel, the rest of the world considers places like this, up and down the West Bank, illegal, as they are built on occupied Palestinian land. However, this is where I would be spending the night.

I got to the settlement's security gate. "You BBC?" said the guard, and I nodded. "Where's your donkey then?" he said looking a bit disappointed.

I met Yisrael Medad at the synagogue. With his New York accent (he was born and brought up there), he peppered his talk with self-effacing jokes and seemed immediately likeable.

It is with Yisrael and his wife that I am staying. The talk of politics will inevitably come later.


And we are on the map!


Salfit is actually north of Shiloh, just west of Ariel. There is also a Talfit village but that, too, is just north of Shiloh and even Eli. The villages around Shiloh are Sinjil, Turmos Aya, Qaryut, Talfit, Jalud and Kutzreh.

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