Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who Said Kibbutznikim Are Socialists?

They're making money off of "humanitarian" efforts:-

The IDF closed Sufa Crossing on Tuesday after a Channel 10 crew managed to bypass Israeli security, cross into the Gaza Strip and interview several Palestinians.

Angry truck drivers began to throw rocks at the television crew and soldiers had to break up the ensuing brawl. The crew was then taken for police questioning for their unauthorized entry into the Strip.

The closure of the crossing sparked angry reactions towards Channel 10, which responded that their crew had exposed a severe security flaw which allowed goods to cross into Gaza without being screened.

Channel 10 claimed that the crossing operated under the control of Kibbutz Sufa, which benefited financially because of the terminal's use. The crew also discovered that each truck driver paid NIS 400 to Kibbutz Sufa in order to cross.


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