Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mob's Load

In a bit of flaming, Mobius attacked me and berated me for writing that the women of Machsom Watch were, in my opinion, nasty ladies.

Now, of course, I didn't mean that the women personally were nasty but that they were being nasty in badgering soldiers trying to protect Israeli citizens.

Like this news item I just picked up:

IDF soldiers caught a Palestinian trying to cross Chawara checkpoint with two bombs Saturday evening.

According to reports, the man had in his possession two pipe bombs and two improvised grenades. IDF sappers destroyed the devices in controlled explosions.

The Palestinian was transferred to security forces for further interrogation.

And to be very clear, they can observe the soldiers' behavior and report them for abuses. I'm all for that. Security concerns aren't a license to be bad. But to yell at the soldiers as they do and try ti actually interfere in their work is being, how did I say? Yes, nasty.

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