Wednesday, July 25, 2007

L'Affair Wonkette Round-up

My first post

First links appear (thanks to CarlS)

I am threatened

Wonkette's Ken folds up

More links

Brit Hume

Major flaming at Mobius


Anonymous said...

Mr. Layne withdrew his empty threat because his "lawyers" explained to him that you live in "Samaria, ISRAEL", not "Samaria, ILLINOIS", and it would therefore be difficult to serve the summons.



Anonymous said...

Sorry, I am only posting anonymously because I'm not a Blogspotter. However, I like your take (and reply to) Wonkette and your observations in general. If by chance you have an RSS feed link I can use (preferably via LiveJournal but if not, I can download a program), I would be greatly obliged.

Anonymous said...


“Antisemitic Wonkette” Story Has Legs; DC Web Site Backs Off Plans To Sue Jewish Site For Libel

M. Simon said...

Thanks for leaving the link.