Monday, July 23, 2007

Ken From Wonkette Replies

Hi Yisrael,

Thanks for responding and at least looking at the clip.

Nobody has threatened you with legal action. I'm an editor, not a lawyer, and any stuff like this I forward to the bosses and lawyers, obviously.

Well, I am now tired of explaining humor/irony to people looking to be outraged by everything, so I will say good-bye.

The Little Green Football nuts (*) have apparently moved on to their next crusade so my inbox is now cleansed of their nonsense.



a) read like a threat to me. here, you reread this line:

Send us the link when you do and I'll send that to our lawyers and that will be the end of that.

To me that meant: "if you don't apologize and post it, our lawyers will handle it and you know what that can mean".


b) one blog's nonsense is another blog's cogent argumentation based on facts and rational analysis.


See what he means.


AidelMaidel said...

Isn't it interesting that he used the word "cleansed" when talking about the readers of LGF (read: Jews). This guy is obviously a closet anti-semite.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you find the racist rantings of that blog so surprising. I haven't read their blog lately, but I did stop by there on occasion several years ago, and it didn't take me long to figure out what's cooking over there. I have no interest in that kind of vile rhetoric, so I haven't really visited that blog in quite some time. But there are people out there who love that kind of stuff. And it does seem as if some of the extreme left-wing blogs have had some success pulling in some heavy traffic by using this kind of snarky and offensive technique. Hey, if the people over at that blog, got those kind of feelings in their heart and they know how to sell it to like-hearted people, kudos to them.

Anonymous said...

TO: Ken [from Wonknuts]
RE: Why...

"...I am now tired of explaining humor/irony to people looking to be outraged by everything, so I will say good-bye." -- Ken I reminded of a 'discussion' I had with Armed Liberal. Something to do with some feminist who suggested that men should be required to take chemical neutering.

Then, when the fit hit the proverbial shan over her outrageous comment, she claims, "Just kidding".

You and she wouldn't happen to be related, would you?


[Children, or childish adults, use the "just kidding" ploy to cover up their stupidity. And then run and hide.]

Anonymous said...

I never saw it as a threat to sue, even an indirect one.

Yes, the jew-liani thing was racist, but the cleansed thing has nothing to do with Jews (most LG'effers are non-jewish, right-wing crazies).

Both the owner of this blog and the commenters need to stop looking for what is not there.
It reduces the strength of your argument about what is there.

It's like woody Allen turning "Did'u eat?" into "Jew eat?"

Anonymous said...

Rule of thumb: If you have to "explain" humor, you're not funny.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Chuck Pelto.....Someone else said it too:

Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death,is the man who deceives his neighbor, and says, “I was only joking!” --Prov. 26:18-19


Yashmak said...

I'm surprised that you find the racist rantings of that blog so surprising.

So now pointing out anti-semitism is racist? I've been a reader of LGF for quite a while now, and I don't think I've ever seen them single out any particular race. Now, they DO link Islam/jihad/violence, but that's not against a race, it's a religion. Plus, it seems more or less supported by the daily headlines.

I suppose it's easier to marginalize opposing viewpoints, when you label them racism though. Then you can just ignore any factual information they present as having come from 'racists'.

pst314 said...

"I never saw it as a threat to sue, even an indirect one."

As a professor of literature said to his less-competent colleagues, "Read. The. Words."

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Left has enough integrity to hold any stance on principle, if it conflicts with their pursuit of personal gain - even if that stance is based on bigotry and anti-Semitism. Leftists just happen to need the services of Muslim fanatics at the moment.

The Left doesn't represent an ideological stance. It's a criminal mafia. Leftists are in it for the money.

It's a bit like their alliance with Nazi Germany back in 1939. Nothing personal, just business.

Anonymous said...

Wow, big deal, sounds like right wing political correctness at work: accsuing people of being anti-Semitic or anti-American cause they dare critcize Olmert or Bush. What's next, photo-shopped pics of the Wonkette posing in Nazi regalia and leather? Get a life, right wing morons!

Anonymous said...

Mofo and "anonymous" enagage in that particularly left-wing practice of Sophistry. Pointedly spelling the man's name as "Jew-liani" and calling the paper the "Jew York Times" is the classic -if updated - anti-semitic code speak, with a pedigree that looks back admiringly to Der Sturmer; it is hardly like "woody Allen turning "Did'u eat?" As for "into "Jew eat?"" As for "anonymous," all he does is engage in nasty ad hominems - another staple of the dark (left) side.

Snake Oil Baron said...

"Nobody has threatened you with legal action."

It is fascinating to see that most people do not seem to understand their own words. In his mind, if he never said "I will personally file the papers to initiate a lawsuit" then no threat could possibly be made. A computer may need to have every exact sentence programed in to be able to "understand" it but generally humans are expected to be able to understand variations on a theme. My only question is whether he can not remember his own words or if he can not understand them.

Or did he just realize that the threat of legal action makes him look like a tool so he decided to do as left-leaners always do and deny reality. The past is always so much easier to change than the present, even if it is the immediate past.

Anonymous said...

Yashmak said: "So now pointing out anti-semitism is racist"?

Yashmak, when I said "racist ranting blog", I was referring to the snide left-wing blog under discussion. You misunderstood me.
Terry P