Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is "Wonkette" Antisemitic?

Wonkette, that foul-mouthed but titilating blogger of Washington foibles, seems to have gone anti-semitic.

Editor Alex Pareene and Interns Nick Mueller and Lauren Spohrer may be responsibl;e for this post which refers to someone they call "Rudy-Jew-liani" who gave an interview to the "Jew York Times".

Anybody for bonking Wonkette?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this blatant leftist anti-semitism to light.
Now when are American leftist Jews going to wake up and start voting Republican?

Also, since you live in Israel, when are you all going to dump Olhmert and get real leadership?

dopesexyfuck said...

You jews.. if someone disagrees while agruing with you, you'll label them an "anti-semite" because you want to ignore the facts they give you and go on the attack, which is what you do best. Your notorious for this all throughout history.

Oh and your not even semetic. Just because you speak the language doesnt mean your semetic. You have NO genetic inheritance to the Land of Palestine that you continue to ILLEGALLY occupy.

YMedad said...

You know, Dopey etc., you have finally allowed me not to lable a Jew hater as an antisemite. You're not. It seems though that you are stupid, can't spell, are uncouth and a bit irrational. We Jews go on the attack? We are defending ourselves. We call the New York Times the "Jew York Times"? Why bring "Jew" into it? The owners have married out, converted or whatever but they aren't Jews? So, this isn't antisemitism or Judeophobia?

And as for your peeve about "Palestine" - funny how the Arabs who, I presume, you would consider real Semites, don't have a Semitic or Arab name for their country but use the Latin. Genes? Where do blonde or redhead Arabs come from if not the Europeans who spread a few genes around themselves?

You are really funny.