Sunday, July 22, 2007

Biton Beaten

The Seforim blog posted about Rav Daniel Biton's new book, "Milchemet Chorma". It's a Satmar anti-Neturei Karta tract (if that makes sense to you).

Anyway, he had his leg broken according to the wall poster I photographed this morning - although I was apprehensive that it would have been covered up over the Shabbat as I had spotted it on Thursday.

Here's one of the whole poster, in situ:-

and here's a close-up of the report on his attack and subsequent hosptial treatment:-

Funny enough, 27 years ago, the NK were out demonstrating in Washington for his release from jail.

I had thought that his being roughed up had to do with his book but now that I read the fine print as well as this JPost story, it seems the Rosh Kollel was not attacked by fellow Satamrists/NKs but by police while he was demonstrating for the continued hanging of a big wall sign warning females to dress modestly. Of course, he could have got himself in that situation to protect himself from a more fearsome attack from his neighbors (after all, he had his book published in the States) but that's just a conspiracy theory.

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