Friday, July 20, 2007

We Needn't Be Embarrassed

One of the quirks of a Jewish personality is embarrassment. No, shame.

If Hassidim riot in Meah She'arim over a Gay Parade, many fellow Jews feel embarrassed.

When I demonstrated for Soviet Jewry starting in 1964, brethren Jews were uncomfortable.

If I want to go on to the Temple Mount as a Jew, not a lackluss tourist, my fellow Jews feel ashamed.

And on and on.

Well, the Germans have no problems about their quirks:

Cruise shoots controversial movie

Filming has begun on Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie despite crew being banned from a Berlin location where an army colonel was executed during World War II.
Scientologist Cruise plays Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, who was executed after plotting against Hitler. Rumours circulated that the crew were banned from the former German general staff quarters because of the country's hostility towards Scientology.

But a government spokesman said it was to preserve the building's "dignity".

The building, known as the Bendler Block, is now a memorial for Third Reich resistance fighters. "We granted all permissions but the one, for the Bendler Block because the dignity of this place should not be violated," said government spokesman Torsten Albig.

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