Sunday, July 29, 2007

Is There Nothing Sacred Anymore? Shivah Catering?

Shivah catering?

Like in:-

Her husband Yossi had a different take on the subject. "I have an idea for a start-up," he told me. "Catering for shivahs. Think about it," he enthused, as if this were his last chance to take life by the balls. "A brit mila or wedding is great, mazel tov, but with all due respect, we're talking only one evening. With a shivah, you close a deal for seven whole days, from morning till night, and no one's going to complain about the food. The close family is grieving too much to feel how anything tastes, and the guests won't feel comfortable complaining. Even you," he shot a look at my husband, whose favorite sport is sending back dishes at restaurants. "You're not about to go to Assaf and say: 'I'm sorry that your father died, but the asparagus stalks were too stringy.'"

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