Sunday, June 08, 2014

Will Peres Daven In the S'fard Nusach?

 The public part of the meeting will then take place in the presence of the press: a musical opening, a brief introduction in English to explain the course of the event, and then three distinct moments of prayer in the three religions, first Jewish (in Hebrew), then Christian (in English, Italian and Arabic), and lastly Muslim (in Arabic). “We do not pray together, but we stay together to pray avoiding any form of syncretism” said Pizzaballa. “Some may observe that the two presidents are not religious, but they are believers:  it is not necessary to wear the religious habit in order to pray”, he said, noting that “Abbas knows the Quran very well and Peres the Jewish scriptures” and anyway,  the two presidents are present as “representatives of their people” and not religious leaders.  Bartholomew, on his part, will recite part of a Christian prayer. All three prayers will, however, have the same structure: a passage on creation, a request for forgiveness and a cry for peace interspersed with short musical passages. Lastly, the three interventions of the Pope, President Peres and President Mahmoud Abbas "who will recite the words they deem appropriate, and their cry for peace”.  The public portion of the meeting will end with “a gesture of peace, probably a common handshake” said Lombardi, and then the four protagonists will plant an olive tree, a symbol of peace.



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in the vanguard said...

It is always sad to see how Israel caters to, subserves, and remains obsequious to foreign interests. Instead of being and acting as a Jewish state hosting other rather irrelevant religions, she has to maintain these as "peers". It makes me nauseous.

"OH, but you can't be like that; The whole world ... bla, bla, bla."

The whole world hates us anyhow.

And the real reason for this hate is because Jews cannot stand up as proud Jews, as reps of Hashem, and speak with a clear strong and prideful voice.

When Jews behave like they're supposed to, eg Entebbe, or by quoting the 1st Rashi in Torah - in answer to what what Gentiles accuse her of - only then will Jews earn proper respect - and merit speedy redemption!