Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Come to A Movie

The documentary film BODY AND SOUL - THE STATE OF THE JEWISH NATION's North American premiere is scheduled for Monday evening, October 27 at Symphony Space in NYC (Broadway at 95th).  

It examines the centrality of the land of Israel to Jewish identity from antiquity to modern day..and shines the light on a growing campaign to erase the Jewish historical connection to the land of Israel...filmmaker Gloria Greenfield engages leading experts in history, archaeology, international law, media, political science and philosophy

In order of appearance:

Ruth Wisse 
Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks 
Robert Wistrich 
Israel Finkelstein 
Aren Maeir 
Isaiah Gafni 
Israel Bartal 
James Snyder 
Shalom Paul 
Victor Davis Hanson
Jeffrey Woolf 
Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie 
Shmuel Trigano 
Yoram Hazony 
Einat Wilf 
Anita Shapira 
Yossi Klein Halevi 
Rev. DeeDee Coleman 
Rick Richman 
Hillel Halkin
Benny Morris 
Jonathan Sarna 
Jeffrey Herf 
Mark Kramer 
Emanuele Ottolenghi 
Ambassador Alan Baker 
Eugene Kontorovich 
Irwin Cotler 
Alan Dershowitz 
Yisrael Medad (pic)
Itamar Marcus 
Manfred Gerstenfeld 
Luba Mayekiso 
Shimon Samuels 
Yosef Kuperwasser 
Bret Stephens

Running time is 64 minutes

PRESENTED BY Doc Emet Productions
PRODUCER and DIRECTOR, Gloria Z. Greenfield
DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Richard Chisolm EDITOR David Grossbach
MUSIC BY Sharon Farber


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