Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Washington Post's 'Best Chance'

The internal contradictions of the Palestinian coalition very well may lead either to its collapse or to a government that is unacceptable to Israel and the United States. But Palestinian politics have reached a dead end under Hamas and Mr. Abbas. So have international efforts to work with a divided Palestinian leadership. The unity movement offers at least the possibility of change and renovation; the Obama administration is right to give it a chance.

The Washington Post's editorial illustrating the difference between sitting at a desk in Washington and living near the former Green Line in Israel.

The 'better chance', of course, is a repeat of the Gaza Disengagement.

And then there's the "if":-

it is vital that Palestinians enforce the principle of “one gun, one law” if they are to present a credible case for statehood.


Here's someone on another election close by:

Secretary of State John F. Kerry declared the election “meaningless” and said it would have no impact on U.S. policy.
“The elections are non-elections. A great big zero,” he said, noting that many areas of the country did not vote, because they are under rebel control, and that meaningful opposition contenders were not allowed to participate.
“Nothing has changed between the day before the election and after,” he added.

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