Monday, June 30, 2014

British We're Not

As I posted several years ago, the Arabs of Halhoul suffered from British Army atrocities when residents were left out in a cage in the sun with no water to die.  In a scholarly article I there quoted, we learn that

Up to fifteen men died in Halhul, mostly elderly Palestinians (the youngest victim was thirty-five, the oldest seventy-five) who died after being left out in the sun for several days in a caged enclosure with insufficient water. Halhul villagers also claim that soldiers shot a local man at a well during the same operation—in fact, it seems that soldiers beat the victim and then left him to drown in the well.

A new disseration confirms, if also reduces the number of victims:

Jews were also victims of British acts of illicit/extralegal violence. On one occasion, 5 Jewish civilians, walking on sidewalks, were shot dead in an indiscrimate act of reprisal.

Draw your own conclusions.


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