Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Appendix to Melanie Phillips' Jesus-cum-Palestinian

Melanie Phillips has written an important piece dealing with renewed Christian anti-Semitism stemming from anti-Zionism, "Jesus Was a Palestinian".

In it you can read that it is currently:

...a fresh geopolitical impetus furnished by “Palestinian liberation theology,” itself a fusion of Palestinian political aspirations and Christian thinking.It is a variant of liberation theology, the doctrine propounded in the 1960s to suggest that socialist revolution was the proper fulfillment of the Christian duty to the poor. In this iteration, Jesus becomes a Palestinian persecuted by the Jews while Jesus’s descendants—who knew he had any?—become today’s Palestinians, crucified in the very land that was promised to them. Their liberation would, of course, require the dissolution of the Jewish state.These malevolent concepts, spreading from Palestinian Christians to churches in the West, are rooted in an audacious strategy adopted by the Palestinian Authority to deny Israel’s right to exist by changing Jewish history to suit its own end. Part of this strategy involves denying that Jesus was a Jew from Judea and turning him into a Palestinian who preached Islam.

I dug into my archives and present to you two postcards which were distributed in the late 1930s in propaganda support of the first, yes, the first Intifada of Arab communal organized terror on a mass scale against Jews. What Melanie describes is not new nor is it the idea of the Palestinian Authority.

The first:

Yes, that is 'Jesus-cum-Palestinian" crucified by the Jewish Zionists, assisted by the British Mandatory regime.

And the second

shows but two places of worship in 'Palestine': mosque and church which recalls Arafat's repeated message that the Arab flag will fly above Jerusalem's mosques and churches (p. 196) and as in this quotation:   

"The Palestinian state is within our grasp. Soon the Palestinian flag will fly on the walls, the minarets and the cathedrals of Jerusalem."  (The New York Times, 3 September 1993)

Mosques and churches, but never does he mention any synagogue.

Mahmoud Abbas surely follows this line.  For example, in the Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 22, 2012:

“[Israel’s actions in Jerusalem] ultimately aim to achieve dark goals: Destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the alleged Temple... take over the Muslim and Christian holy sites, and destroy its institutions in order to empty it, uproot its residents, and continue its occupation and Judaization…All of Israel’s actions in Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque... will not negate the fact that the city, its Al-Aqsa [Mosque], its Dome of the Rock and its churches are Arab – Islamic and Christian... 

It was Hanan Ashrawi in Madrid in 1991 who declared at one of her press conferences I attended that "Jesus was a Palestinian", despite "Palestine" as a name for the country began in 135 CE, a full century after his crucifiction.


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Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

in fact, in the PLO's declaration of a state in November 1988, it mentions mosques and churches but not synagogues.

This is implicit hatred of Jews. Subtle hatred by omission.