Friday, June 06, 2014

The Haaretz 'Right Wing' Mix-up

From the paper's editorial: Stop right-wing indoctrination in IDF officers' training and its message is:

Diary by legendary soldier Meir Har Zion, which casts mud at 'anti-Zionist left,' is given to every new officer upon completion of training. This must be stopped immediately, and the goings-on in officers' training investigated.

It echoes Yossi Sarid last March:

We should find better heroes than Meir Har-Zion


Har Zion was regarded as a brave fighter and was known for developing the IDF’s commando tactics...Har Zion’s diary entries include a large number of descriptions of indiscriminate retaliatory operations, systematic harm to innocent people and even the execution of individuals who happened to have been taken prisoner en route to raids or in the course of the operations.

...and also includes Har Zion’s commentary on current events:...“The right only appears to be in power. In practice, it is the left that is in control. Everything is in their hands — the media, the prosecutor’s office, the top echelons of the police and even the Supreme Court. When it comes to every issue involving the justice of the Zionist enterprise, we are going from bad to worse. [Religious settlers’ movement] Gush Emunim is a ray of light in the darkness. And [when it comes to those] wearing religious skullcaps … without them, we would have already closed up shop.”

...The IDF must not only put a stop to the distribution of the book, it should also thoroughly look into what is going on at Bahad 1 and at the judgment of those in charge there. The base is an officers’ school and not an ideological incubator for the extreme right wing.

Har Zion was brought up within the Labour Zionist movement, including Kibbutz Ein Harod.

Maybe the terms "right" and "left" are not being properly used?

In any case the real object of Harretz is the denuding the IDF of its esprit de corps and will to win.

The moral issues from "purity of arms" on are always discussed and deliberated.  The officers know well how to judge a book, and not only by its cover or a Haaretz editorial.


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