Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Are You A 'Palestinian'? Or, Who is A 'Palestinian'?

Are you a Palestinian family living in the Diaspora (US, UK, Chile, Canada, Australia, etc.)? Do you have a teenager who will be entering 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th,, 12th grade this fall? Well, then, please consider sending her or him to our Go Palestine Summer Camp this August 2014!

Go Palestine will be hosted by the Ramallah Friends School, an institution founded over a century ago by American Quakers in Palestine. Each of our Diaspora campers will be matched with a student from the Ramallah Friends School and the latter’s family will host the former at their homes.  

Go Palestine will include a multi-faceted program: community service rebuilding Palestinian homes and working in refugee camps and olive tree planting, arts/music/dance (focused on Palestinian culture such as debkeh), speaker series, film series, Arabic lessons,  field trips around the country, and much more!

Camp starts on July 31st and ends on August 20th. 

Please apply NOW as we have LIMITED spots and will be accepting campers on a ROLLING basis! For more information, please visit our website at or contact us at gopalestine@rfs.edu.ps.

I wonder, will the program include:

-  stone-throwing?

-  firebomb making?

-  how to construct a roadblock?

-  how to kidnap?

-  how to flash three fingers in support of terror?

A Typical Day
Your daily schedule will vary, giving you an opportunity to experience many different aspects of Palestinian culture. In addition to having an opportunity to explore in places such as Bethlehem, Hebron, Nablus, and Taybeh, participants will spend time doing service projects, shopping in local stores and markets, experiencing local food, joining a member of the host family at work, or participating in Ramallah nightlife. Arabic language learning, as needed, will be integrated through the day.

...Here are a few examples of what a 'typical' day may look like for you. You can also view a previous itinerary.

The Morning
Could be playing some sports or recreation games at the Friends School,
Taking fields trips to explore other towns and sites.
Doing service work in refugee camp
Arts, Dance, workshops, hiking or music programs.

Your typical day will have many different opportunities to experience Palestinian culture, including the local stores
The Afternoon
If we are dong activities around the Friends School campus, then might travel to a project near-by
If we are working at a refugee camp, for example, we would simply go back to our project.
Usually by 4 PM we have finished.

I am wondering - can the grandchildren of those Jews who held Palestinian citizenship (and I know several) participate or is this for Arabs only?

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