Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Historical Comparisons a la the JTA

In the JTA's "HISTORY HAPPENS" for this past Sunday, we read:

Abductions in Palestine: The disappearance of three Israeli boys believed to have been kidnapped while they were hitchhiking in the West Bank has garnered international attention. In the winter of 1944-45, several Jews were kidnapped in British Mandate Palestine. In one incident the kidnappers disguised themselves as British policemen. After three kidnappings took place in two days in late January 1945 -- one “in broad daylight on a busy Jerusalem street” -- JTA calculated that about a dozen people had been “abducted within recent weeks” in Palestine.

 If you click on, you're sent here:

More Kidnappings in Palestine; Victim Snatched on Jerusalem StreetJerusalem (Jan. 31)
Three more kidnappings took place in Palestine during the past two days bringing to about a dozen the number of persons abducted within recent weeks.
An unknown man was seized in broad daylight on a busy Jerusalem street today, while a taxi-driver, Jacob Roth, was kidnapped in Nathanya yesterday and a young member of the Betar football team, Meir Samuelov, was abducted yesterday in Petach Tikvah.

That, of course, is referring to incidents of the infamous "Saison" operation of the Palmah and Hagana against mainly the Irgun dissidents.  Some were beaten and tortured by the representatives of the "official Yishuv" institutions, others were interrogated and incarcerated and others handed over to the British CID.  Some where kicked out of schools.

The official Palmach site isn't working.  So go to Yehuda Lapidot's site on the matter.

But in any case, I though they were reference the Irgun kidnappings of British soldiers.  An also other officials as Judge Windham as reported in the Palestine Post on January 28, 1947:

In any case, three young teenagers are not soldiers nor official Israel state representatives.

Free them!


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