Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sari Nusseibeh Imagines

I can therefore only foresee a worsening climate – not a one-time disaster (say, an avalanche following the killing of a Jew while performing a prayer in the Noble Sanctuary, on what Israelis call the Temple Mount in Jerusalem) that can once and for all be put behind, by whichever side, but an increasingly ugly living climate in which only those who can acclimatize and be ugly themselves can survive.


And we onced shared a shaver while preparing for a debate on Channel One TV some 30 years ago.

By the way, why should a Jew be killed for praying?

Are all Muslims fanatic and intolerant?

Are all "Palestinians" deniers of Jewish history and the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount?


DG just reminded me:

so says Sari Nusseibeh who resigned as president of Al Quds University after pressure from Hamas

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Anonymous said...

Nusseibeh says the best thing to do now is to "ameliorat[e] living conditions" for Palestinians living in the West Bank, while "[s]ecurity can [] remain entirely in [Israeli] hands."

And he says that the way to do this is to transfer parts of area B to area A in the West Bank.

But the Palestinian Authority already has full civil authority in area B. The only difference between areas A and B are that in area A the Palestinian military (“police”) can deploy and act freely, which they cannot do in area B.

So Nusseibeh’s plan is to take a step that does exactly the opposite of what he says needs to be done.

Why is that? Is he such an idiot that he doesn’t know the difference between areas A and B? Or is it that the statements about “ameliorating” conditions and leaving security in the hands of Israel are just empty pledges, like his commitment to peace. My money is on the latter, but either way, there’s no reason to listen to him.