Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Waqf Will Permit a Temple To Remain ?

I saw this headline:

and thought to myself that the Days of the Messiah have arrived.

But, being a bit more basic, I continued to read the story and found out this is not from an Arab news site relating to the situation in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.



...the AP State Wakf Board (APSWB) last month approved the tenancy of an encroacher who had built a Santoshi Mata temple on wakf land.

The land in question belongs to the Koh-e-Imam-Zamin Shiite institution in Trimulgherry and the temple was built in the 1980s, which makes it difficult to remove the structure now...Members said the Wakf Board has found itself in a catch-22 situation as there could be many Hindu religious structures built on various wakf land parcels and they have to use other means to tackle the situation in future . "The only way to evict such encroachers is to first make them tenants and then decline to extend the lease. While drafting the lease agreement and proceedings, we will make sure to include the clause that no temple should be constructed at the site," said an APSWB official requesting anonymity. 

A second item this past May deals with the Waqf reclaiming land.

The AP State Wakf Board (APSWB) is drawing up plans to reclaim large portions of encroached land endowed to Dargah Hazrat Mir Mahmood Auliya (DHMMA), which include areas such as Arsh Mahal in Kishanbagh.

Sources in the APSWB said that the encroachments on the endowed land are not new and have been the 'norm' for the last 30 years. Parts of Rajendranagar, Attapur, Hasan Nagar, Jalal Baba Nagar and Mahmood Nagar too are areas which have been endowed, the sources said.

I guess we need to wait a bit longer to solve our Waqf-Temple situation.

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