Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Americans, Demand Your Rights in Judea and Samaria

Back in 1924, a document was signed by the United States and Great Britain (and all because of Israel Hanovich and Phillip Skorka, see, page 197 ff) and included this text:

Whereas the Government of the United States and the Government of His Britannic Majesty desire to reach a definite understanding with respect to the rights of the two Governments and their respective nationals in Palestine; The President of the United States of America and His Britannic Majesty have decided to conclude a convention to this effect...:

Article 1
Subject to the provisions of the present convention the United States consents to the administration of Palestine by His Britannic Majesty, pursuant to the mandate recited above.
Article 2
The United States and its nationals shall have and enjoy all the rights and benefits secured under the terms of the mandate to members of the League of Nations and their nationals, notwithstanding the fact that the United States is not a member of the League of Nations.
Article 3
Vested American property rights in the mandated territory shall be respected and in no way impaired.
...Article 5
Subject to the provisions of any local laws for the maintenance of public order and public morals, the nationals of the United States will be permitted freely to establish and maintain educational, philanthropic and religious institutions and the mandated territory, to receive voluntary applicants to teach in the English language.
...Article 7
Nothing contained in the present convention shall be affected by any modification which may be made in terms of the mandate, as recited above, unless such modification shall have been assented to by the United States.
...In witness whereof, the undersigned have signed the present convention, and have thereunto affixed their seals.
Done in duplicate at London, this 3rd day of December, 1924.

The spirit of that document --- with Israel's establishment the convention lost legal standing ---   should be applicable no less than any humanitarian right the Arabs demand for themselves in Judea and Samaria (and Gaza). *

You're an American?  Demand full protection of your rights in that geographical area.

Freely establish and maintain!

Vest your property rights!

We are no second-class citizens.




See p. 205

TransJordan is ... Eretz-Yisrael.

P. 209


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