Monday, June 23, 2014

But The Status Quo Is Being Altered

At the official Knesset site, you can find the detailed summary of its Interior Committee's session today regarding the situation on the Temple Mount which I attended:

Presenting the summary of the deputy committee on the matter of Jewish immigration [sic] to the Temple Mount b) The Ministry of Justice's opinion on racism between Jews and Arabs on the Temple Mount

Committee Chair, MK Miri Regev, who raises her voice just a bit too much and could assist the deliberations by shortening her interjections, has been doing wonderful work in highlighting the issues of weak police responses to Islamist violence, physical and verbal.

The police even complained that she suggest they lacked courage (by which she meant not physical courage but the type need to  control the situation before they need to roll into the precincts and put down riots

I did not get a chance to offer an opinion - Yehudah Glick did - but I would have asked if they want to maintain the status quo and are so intent upon defending their approach, then why have they permitted a new custom of study groups to plant themselves along the route the Jews take to walk around the Mount compound?  Why do they allow taunting chants?  The approaching up close by Muslims to terrify and interfere with Jews exercising their right of access (we are not referring to prayer which is prohibited)?  This is an infraction of the status quo but the police ignore it and no one pressed them on it.

A Hebrew-language report.


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Batya said...

It seems like I compiled this Havel Havelim ages ago, but you should still know that this post is included.

Now that we know that the boys were murdered, we must comfort the families and friends.