Wednesday, October 02, 2013

It Was Still An Illegal Occupation

Nice try:

The Jordanian Rule over the West Bank: 1948 – 1967

Following the 1948 war, the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, submitted to the Jordanian rule. In 1948, the Jordanian Military Governor declared that other laws and legislation that had been operative in Palestine would still be effective to the extent with which they do not contradict the Law on the Defence of the Trans-Jordan of 1935.

In 1949, the Jordanian Civil Administration restored the civil rule over the West Bank according to the Law of the Public Administration over Palestine. In 1950, the West and East Banks of the River Jordan were officially annexed. In addition, it was confirmed that the laws, which had been operative in the West Bank until the end of the British Mandate, would remain valid until they are replaced by Jordanian laws.

Between 1950 and 1967, the Jordanian Parliament was composed of an equal number of deputies from both the West Bank and the East Bank.

Never recognized by any international law body and but by one country - Great Britain.


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