Saturday, October 12, 2013

This Is Palestinian Chutzpah

First, this:

The PA chairman also condemned the “serious Israeli violations” in East Jerusalem, specifically on the Temple Mount.  “Israel has no right to split up the Al-Aqsa Mosque, neither physically nor in terms of prayer times,” Abbas said, and stressed that “all East Jerusalem is Palestinian.”

Then this:

Abbas went on to criticize Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying the latter’s insistence on Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state proved he was unwilling to reach a peace agreement.

“Netanyahu’s refusal to recognize a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders, his insistence that a united Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital and his demand that we recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish state indicate that he isn’t interested in continuing with the negotiations,” said Abbas.

 He also said that 

"there is no peace without Jerusalem as the capital for the state of Palestine."...Abbas also denounced the repeated raids on the al-Aqsa mosque by Israeli settlers and said that the situation had become "extremely dangerous." He said that the settlers enter al-Aqsa daily and assault Palestinian and worshipers, while Israeli forces do nothing to stop them but instead provide protection to the settlers. These attacks could potentially destroy all international efforts made to achieve peace in the region, he added.

Abbas mentioned that the Palestinian leadership had warned Israeli and American sides about this, and that the Palestinian leadership is considering taking the issue to the UN Security Council.

Which "Jerusalem" is that?



North, east and south?


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